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I’m always looking for ways to update my writing space to make it comfortable and inspirational. This is a real challenge given the layout of my home. I dreamed of someday having a writing shed, but unfortunately, I live in a community that prohibits sheds, so I’m moving on.

My writing space is an area in my home that we carved out just for me. Well, actually we just sort of repurposed the space. What should be the formal dining room is actually my “office”. We have an open floor plan, so my office is a shared space with our dining room and game room. Yay for me (I say this loads of sarcasm).


With that, it’s understandable that my work space has been through quite a few transitions, but I think I finally have it just how I want it. In the Before photos above, the desk and chair were situated in a traditional arrangement with the desk facing the window and the bookcases lining either side of the desk along the walls.

The up side to this arrangement was that I had a defined space to sit, work, and claim as my own. The down side was, because of the open floor plan, everyone could truck through my little space as they pleased. Around New Year’s I began trying to come up with new ideas to enhance my space. What started off as a simple idea of incorporating a new decorative piece, blossomed into more than I could’ve imagined.

Pinterest (though helpful) can be a dangerous thing (in a good way). I ended up totally revamping my writing space thanks to Pinterest, and now have the benefit of having a true little studio on my hands. With a minor rearrangement of the bookcases, I transformed my open office into an isolated, more private writing nook that clearly defines the space as an office and gives the illusion of being a separate room. I’m completely in love with my new writing space. All it needs are a few minor finishing touches and I’m home free.


Using the existing bookcases, I moved them away from the walls and created a “floating” wall within the room. I wasn’t sure how I would like it initially, but I fell in love with it right away. I only needed to purchase one additional bookcase to complete the space, which is pictured above. This was a self-assembly unit I purchased from Target and it’s a part of the same line as my existing bookcases. This helped for a seamless transition. The storage bins are sold separately, but I only needed a couple more for the new bookcase. Hitting my favorite discount home stores helped with accessorizing empty shelves, and my books helped with the rest.

Next, I had to make sure my desk was situated just right and that the new arrangement would accommodate my desk. The only arrangement that made sense was to place the desk against the wall – something I tried desperately to avoid and was sure I would completely hate. Not only did it need to be against the wall, but it actually needed to face the wall. It seemed like a pretty claustrophobic idea and I was very hesitant. However, since I was in a rearranging mood I figured I should at least try it and it works perfectly! Surprisingly, distractions are minimized and I still get to enjoy the feeling of an open space because the desk is situated directly next to the window. When I need just a little distraction, I can simply look to my left and enjoy the view, then get right back to work.

The final step was adding a personal touch to the space. If I were able to build a writing shed, it would have had three defined areas – writing, resources, and relaxing. Why not do the same in this newly designed space? My desk is my writing space. The bookcases house all of my resources. All that was left was to establish a space for relaxation.

An area for relaxing is necessary for destressing, taking a break from extensive writing times, and just to read, or be inside my own headspace without feeling the pressure of deadlines or writers block. I wanted to have an area dedicated to this in my current space. Fortunately, this was possible thanks to the way the space was rearranged. I created a small sitting area complete with a chair, accent table, and rug. Now, admittedly, I would like a different rug in the space, but I haven’t quite found the perfect one yet. So, this one will do for now.

It’s a calming feeling to be able to sit in my special chair, have my coffee or tea while enjoying a little leisure reading, listening to some music, or watching the neighborhood happenings out of the front window. This has become my favorite part of the space. I absolutely love it!

As you continue to grow in your writing your writing space will evolve with you. I am so much more productive now than I have been. In future posts, I will share more details on how I’ve personalized my space to make it functional and inspirational for my writing, so stay tuned.

I would love to know where you make your writing magic happen. In the house? In a shed? The Bathroom? Please share.

Keep creating spaces and masterpieces. And while you’re at it, write on!