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Time is a precious commodity that some of us writers just don’t have. Still working to meet that minimum daily word count? So am I. But saying that it’s been a challenge would be an understatement. Weeks of schedule alterations upset writing progress. But there is a good news!

Recently I read a blog post by guest blogger, Lee Kelly, on the Writers Atelier blog series, The Write Place, that absolutely put my gears in motion. Lee Kelly pin-pointed the very thing that has been the underlying cause in my inability to avoid repeated writing slumps and I am excited about following her lead.

Once upon a time when my life was perfect and everything went according to schedule, I somehow developed the idea that I needed to be in a certain space – in a particular mindset or mood – at a particular time of day – with a specific caffeine drink in-hand, to write. But not just write children’s stories, or novels, but anything. This had to be the setting for me to write anything – a blog post, a journal entry – anything.  Without these particular ingredients, the end result was empty pages and a growing time deficit.

Well, thanks to Ms. Kelly, I realized that I’m far beyond the stage of needing to have the perfect, inspirational space to write. I need to be ready to write at any time, any place, any mood, and any space. While I have a firm grasp of this concept during the holidays, applying said concept year-round just hadn’t worked it’s way into my day-to-day schedule. Time for that to change!

I have been forcing myself to get some writing in whenever time presented itself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be able to write in the perfect, quiet setting with coffee in hand. But reality is, that’s just not a realistic view of a writer’s life… at least not this writer.  Reality is that writing has to get done whenever and wherever possible. In the kitchen, on the job, in the car, even while (eh-hem) indisposed. Knowing this is one thing. Putting it in practice consistently in something else.

The bottom line is, as writers we are continuously met with challenges that impact the writing process. Our responsibility is to rise above those challenges. It’s been a pretty productive week here at The Writing Cane workshop, even if the “workshop” hasn’t necessarily been the actual location for getting things done. I have been in my car, on my bed, in the dining room and the workshop, just trying to make sure I am making some much-needed progress. And the beauty of it is, the kids haven’t felt my absence one bit simply because I’ve been making the most of the time in-between their time.

It’s the summer, but that doesn’t mean writing has to be put on hold because of it. Enjoy the summer and write on in-between!