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For a long time now, I have documented my love-hate relationship with my laptop, Lappy. I looove my Lappy. It’s been with me through the highs and lows of my most fulfilling careers, it’s my favorite color, and I just love the feel of it’s keys under my fingertips. Face it, it’s a part of me.

Sadly though, our relationship must come to an end. Arriving at this decision has been difficult, but a-long-time-coming. I don’t know at what point things actually changed. Perhaps it was the frequency of crashing incidents. Or the time I pinched my arm as I was typing because the keyboard separated from the base trapping my skin in it. Maybe it was the day it started talking back to me in the form of a loud, rattling, whir, or when the monitor started blinking off-and-on at random. Despite all of its shortcomings, I still loved Lappy. So, saying goodbye is hard to do.

I’ll miss the way the space bar stops working if a strand of hair gets trapped under it. Or how the Geek Squad recognizes me whenever I come in. I’ll miss having to ice my shoulder whenever I transport it somewhere because it’s absolutely the heaviest thing in my writing tool box. Lappy has served me well. We had a good go of it. And though I had to endure cruel jokes from the family over 15-minute start up times, or the random disconnects from the internet, or the smoking that almost set my lap on fire, I still stuck by it’s side.

Perhaps I’ll keep it around for good measure or donate it for parts (though the parts may now be obsolete). I mean, I did produce my first published book on it after all. Who knows?

What I do know is I’ll miss you Lappy! I’ll miss all the good times we shared. All the journaling, blogging, accounting, lesson planning, bill paying, storytelling, web browsing, social media-ing, and Youtubing shall be enjoyed with a model that’s a little sleeker, a little lighter, a little faster, and a little sharper. But I’ll always appreciate the good times we shared and all you did for me.

Goodbye Lappy…you’ll kinda be missed.