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One of the most difficult things as a writer for me can be flexibility. I absolutely consider myself a flexible individual…so long as that flexibility falls within my personal realm of what and how I choose to be flexible…crazy right? I know. But I love the me that I am. Sue me.

However, despite my limited scope of flexibility, I have learned that regardless of my preferences, I have to learn to be, well – flexible. After all, I am still growing and learning who I am as a writer.

So what’s the big change? So in the spirit of being flexible, here’s the new change that’s essential to me as a writer: I MUST change my blogging schedule! I love to blog. But, I don’t seem to have the time for it as I once did. On the contrary, I love to write. But there doesn’t seem to be much time for that either. So what gives?

What I realize about myself as a writer is I will procrastinate ’til the cows come home before I’ll sit down and focus on the very thing that I’m passionate about – which usually results in nothing getting done. I’m a hot mess, I know. But I also realize that I experience anxiety when I overwhelm myself with too many things – and I am not one of those fine individuals who is a master at balancing 39 things in a day. This drives me stir-crazy and leaves me feeling inadequate. Therefore, change is inevitable.

But Cane, blogging is writing! How can you not have time for it? It’s simple. Mentally, I separate blogging from what I consider to be ‘writing’. Not that blogging isn’t writing, but I don’t feel accomplished when I blog. It’s fun for me. Relaxing. It’s equivalent to playing your favorite video game or watching a good movie. When I’m gaming or watching t.v., I’m freeing my mind. That’s what blogging does for me. So when I blog, I haven’t actually penned anything toward my manuscripts in progress, or made any revisions on existing manuscripts. Not accomplishing this leaves me feeling pretty low. I don’t feel empty inside when I don’t get a chance to play my favorite gaming app on my iPad, just as I don’t feel empty if I don’t get a chance to blog. I look forward to it. I love to do it. But there’s no pressure to do it. Story writing on the other hand is different for me. I love it! I feel invigorated when I get the story out of my head. But there is pressure if it doesn’t get done. Granted, this is self-inflicted pressure, but pressure all the same. So while blogging is writing, it’s not the kind of writing that helps me achieve my goals as a storyteller.

Keep in mind, this may differ for other writers. Some writers blog for a living, so obviously blogging would hold a different weight in their writing arena. For me, storytelling is the priority for me.

I’ve changed my blogging schedule several times already! I’ve gone from daily blogging, to 3 times per week, to twice per week, to weekly blogging with gaps of inactivity in between. I’m still not satisfied. So my next attempt is MONTHLY! (Big surprise). It took a while to reach this long overdue conclusion, but it’s the best thing…for Cane.

In short, Creating Cane is switching from a weekly blog (which sort of stopped happening anyway) to a monthly blog. This will make it much easier to bring you the latest and greatest on this ongoing journey of mine. I miss you guys!

But what about that daily word count thing? I have still worked tirelessly to achieve my daily word count as discussed in my March blog post: A Daily Word Count that Worksand I am still very pleased with the results of applying this technique to my writing life. But I can’t help but feel that something is suffering when I still don’t fit it all in. And reality is, when I’m doing one, I’m not doing the other. I don’t want my blog to suffer simply because my book writing is gaining momentum. It all needs to get done. I think the monthly blogging schedule will give me an opportunity to have my cake and eat it too…just not in such large proportions.

Do you blog? How often? What schedule works best for you? Whether you’re blogging, screen writing, story writing, song writing, journaling, reporting, or any other form of writing, just be sure to make it work for you!

Write on! Write on!