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As I stare at my barren Christmas tree, still trying to muster up the energy to drag it to the crawl space in the attic along with the other Christmas decorations, I realize February has crept up on me and I haven’t posted a single thing since November! I guess the effects of Thanksgiving birds, holiday shopping, and new year’s resolutions can really take a toll on a soul. But nonetheless, despite having survived our most cherished holidays, here we are, already in the second month of the year and the celebrations begin again.

February is packed full of days of recognition. From Groundhog Day to President’s Day to this year being a Leap Year, there is definitely much to learn and celebrate in the shortest month of the year. As I have every year it is imperative that I take time to recognize, what (to me) is the most important celebration of February (Hubby’s birthday excluded) – Black History Month.

That’s right! It’s Black History Month – a time to slow down and really highlight, explore, remember, pay tribute to, and celebrate the black contribution to the United States of America. Rest assured that as an African-American February is not the only time black history is celebrated and discussed in the black community. But it is a time of special observance nationwide that is important for all Americans to take pause and recognize.

I’m a writer and author and therefore choose to use this month to highlight other black writer’s and authors in honor of Black History Month. This week I’d like to highlight some of the notable authors that inspired me from girlhood to teen. I read works by all of these writers and was inspired by each one in different ways.

Now, there are countless blogs recognizing and celebrating Black History, so I’ll keep my posts short and sweet. Many of these writers are very well known in the African-American community. Below is my favorite work by each writer and a link to learn more about their lives and contributions. Enjoy learning more about each of them and don’t forget to post some of your favorites in the comments.

 Be inspired and write on!