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There’s nothing like making a plan and sticking to it (something I don’t often do that well). But it sure does make a little ole’ writer like me feel a sense of personal success when I actually finish every task I set out to do.

Summer has finally drawn to an end, school is back in session, and the peace and quiet of home has set in. This marks the time for me to regroup and get back in the swing of actively writing, revising, and marketing.


Sunday night I updated and recorded everything in my most favorite planner, which I had to contact the manufacturer to get (I absolutely love this planner-style). I recorded to-do lists, purchases, meetings, appointments, writing tasks I should be working on each day – everything! I even recorded meals for the week. I searched for any openings between scheduled tasks or events so that I could carve time in between to work on more writing tasks. After recording the same information into my phone I was ready to go.

With the kids back in school, mornings around here are a lot more hectic (evenings too for that matter). So I absolutely have to make sure I get all the house tasks done if I plan to make the “good mom” list for the new school year. This includes dinner.

IMG_2365Thanks to having a plan, I had all of my ingredients set out the night before so that preparation would be a cinch at the crack of dawn. A quick mix of ingredients, grabbed the chicken out of the fridge, set the timer, and dinner was cooking and would be hot and ready to serve before evening practice. Score!


When I was a girl, I always hated the overnight, refrigerated sandwich in my lunch box. I assume my kids would probably hate it too. Therefore, school lunches are prepared in the morning at my house. But to speed things up a bit, on Sunday I prepared all of their accompaniments for the week. This week, a little homemade fruit salad in convenient lunch containers, along with a lunch treat and a side vegetable would do the trick. Changing up the entree throughout the week gives the feeling of having something “different” from day-to-day and helps keep lunches a little more interesting. On Hump Day, the kids get to choose if they would like to purchase school lunch or grab a Lunchable from the fridge. This breaks up the monotony of the typical lunchbox meal and gives me a break from lunch-prep. If I’m feeling especially lazy on a particular week, I also let them get school lunch on Fridays, but I try not to make that a habit.

From this point, everything else flowed like clockwork. By the time lunches were prepared, my self-sufficient kids had finished their breakfast and were already getting ready for the day. We have a set morning routine. The kids get up, make their breakfast, clear the table, and get ready for the school day. This also makes mom’s life a lot easier in the mornings.

Homework is signed the night before or not at all, which frees me up to get myself ready for the day. One more quick glance at my planner and I was ready to tackle the business of the day.

I said my farewells to the hubby and my oldest son, while heading out the door to walk the youngest to school. A few kisses and hugs later, it was time to put my writing hat on and start crossing completed tasks off my list. The house was nice and quiet, perfect for staying focused and getting things done. On this particular day, I only had a forty-minute window to write between doctor appointments and conference calls, so I got as much as I could done within that small window. I was on time for my breakfast meeting, conference call, and doctor appointment and still had a little time to spare to finish up a rough draft for a submission I had been procrastinating on finishing.

Once the kids arrived from school, dinner was smokin’ hot and ready to serve from my lovely Crock Pot and we managed to make it to my son’s practice on time.

IMG_2369Upon returning home, I am completely exhausted, but it feels good knowing that not a minute of the day was wasted with nonsense or laziness. Nobody’s perfect, especially not me, so all days won’t be as efficient as this, but it feels good knowing that this one was.

Keep up the momentum and write on!