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So how about that new life as a published author? How have I adjusted to the children running up to me begging for my autograph? Or the stress of keeping my book in stock because the orders are pouring in so fast that I just can’t keep up? Or people I know taking selfies with me every time they see me because they want to prove to their friends that they know this awesome author personally?

Well, considering NONE of that has actually happened and NONE of that is actually my life, I think I’m handling it pretty well. Let’s face it, nobody’s famous the first week after publishing their first book. And NEWS FLASH! There’s no guarantee you’re going to be. Your life will be exactly as it was before you published. However, there will be a few very slight changes. Such as:

  • Being a regular at the post office;
  • Being forced to check email and social media more regularly than before;
  • Fellow authors beginning to emerge ready and willing to help you build your writing network; and
  • Kids think you rock!

Blog Pic 6Other than that, everything is business as usual. But it’s the bullet point in red that inspired this post. When I started this journey, my blog was my main connection to the writing community. I built my blog and my companion page on Facebook and life was grand. Now, authors and potential patrons are wanting to connect with me and HELLO? They’re not looking for Creating Cane. Creating Cane didn’t author or publish the book I’m trying to promote.

Sooo… I’m changing the name of my Facebook Page to reflect me as the author and writer that I am. Creating Cane will remain active as my official blog, and I have provided a link to this blog on my website, but the Facebook Page will need to reflect me as an author and writer. It’s best to make the change while my follower numbers are still relatively low (because I hope they will increase significantly over time).

finallogo_notaglineSo faithful Facebook followers, don’t panic if you see my familiar picture, but the page looks slightly different with my name plastered on my wall and in your notifications. It’s still me, Creating Cane, just trying to get some cohesiveness between my sites. This is just another stop on this journey that I think most writers are faced with at some point.

If you haven’t already, think about your branding and how you wish to connect with other writers and potential readers. There are several blogs that address branding yourself as a writer. You still may not get it right at first, but remember to correct mistakes early on so you don’t find yourself later on down the line trying to change things when you have a strong following already established. Just a little food for thought.

Be productive this week and write on!