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One error! One friggin’ error! You would think it wouldn’t be a big deal. As I so often say to my friends, Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya! One error correction can literally tack weeks onto a final print. One tiny little error can change everything. I’ve read it time-and-time again:

“Check your work before you submit it for upload”;
“Go over the work before hitting submit”; and
“Review your work multiple times…”

Unfortunately, you can read over a piece several times and still miss something. That’s why we have editors.

All this to say, we have a little setback. And despite our best efforts, the new upload still came back with errors, which lengthens the process even further. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a perfect proof by the end of next week. But only time will tell.

So how does it feel to be this close?

Not at all what I expected. I held the first proof in my hands and tears of joy streamed down my face. But if any of you have experienced the joys of parenthood, then you remember that first moment of realizing you had just become a parent. I remember feeling kind of numb and dumb all at once. Then I thought, so now what? 

Having my book in hand for the first time was literally just like becoming a parent for the first time. Now I find myself more anxious about focusing on my next publication rather than dwelling on this one. I’m not so interested in basking in the glow of finishing this book than I am about moving on to the next one and applying what I’ve learned from this experience. It can’t stop here. After all, I started this journey to become a writer, not to become an author. Becoming an author is what happens along the way. Writers keep writing…

Stay tuned for the launch of my new author website and hopefully a RELEASE DATE!

Write on!