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Balloon Front Cover Marketing

The release of the cover means the book isn’t far behind! The level of excitement is indescribable. I’m so pleased with how it has all come together. But how did I get here? Here’s the week in review.

  1. No More Errors! This printing process has been inundated with one upload error after another! I didn’t think we would ever get it done. But after correction-after-correction, the upload finally went through and here we are. Newbies, when self-publishing, be sure to read and follow all of your printer’s guidelines for uploading your content to their database. Commonsense, I know. But keep in mind, I worked with a third party for upload, which frankly, I feel complicated the process rather than simplifying it. Clearly, either trying to figure it out myself or having the printer’s services handle the upload may be better. I guess I’ll experiment with that with my next book (big wink).
  2. The Proof Once the upload was finally completed, it was time to order my proof copy. Yes, I had to pay for that. It should be arriving any time now. I’m so anxious! I can’t say I’m excited. After all the difficulty with uploading, it’s hard for me to feel confident that the proof copy will come out perfect. I’m sure it will, but I will feel more at ease once I see it with my own eyes. Fingers crossed!
  3. Cover-to-Cover Upon ordering the proof, my designer released the cover image. Time to go public! Quite an exciting moment. It feels good to be able to provide some proof that I actually did write the book. Now the marketing has to begin to take shape. But that’s a different post.
  4. Web Development So, through the excitement of the book being finalized and the anxiety of awaiting the proof copy, I still must press forward with marketing. This includes launching a website. Now many authors approach this differently. Some authors develop a site specifically dedicated to the book. Some choose an author website dedicated to learning about the author and all of his/her publications. And still others just choose to go with social media. I have decided to develop an author site. My thinking is, if I plan to have more books in the future, do I really want individual websites for each book? That’s an overwhelming concept for me. I like the idea of a central location where readers can connect to each book. We’ll see if my approach changes as I release more works. For now, this is the best fit for me.
  5. So Release it Already! Finally, if the book is done, the proof is on it’s way, and the website is in the final stages of development, then you might be asking…”So when is the friggin’ release!?!” Well. . . it can take as many as eight weeks for online distributors to complete their process of adding a book to their database. Eight weeks! The minimum amount of time is four weeks. Either way, it’s best to schedule the release for a date after the book is officially available for purchase through distributors. I’d much rather have the book available online prior to releasing, rather than having consumers limited in how they can go about purchasing the book. Therefore, my original idea of the release date is not at all my reality. In other words, stay tuned!

There is no doubt that this has been a week full of highs and lows. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that makes it all worth it.

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments,  or questions below. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for all the latest updates on the book release and the launch of my website.

As always, stay the course and write on!