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As the release of my picture book draws near, I find myself becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the pressure of officially being an author. So many questions constantly swim through my mind as I reflect on the preparation for its release. Have I used my time wisely? Have I made sound financial decisions? What about marketing? Did I wait too long to get started?

The truth is, I’ve been asking myself these very same questions all along. But somehow, now that the first release is so near, the impact is heavier. Perhaps because now my responses to these questions will be evident upon publication – good, bad, or ugly.

I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what the future holds. What I do know is this initial journey (for the publication of my first book) is coming to an end, ready or not. I guess the next questions I’ll be asking myself are: What have I learned from this experience? What will I do differently with my future works? How will I continue to improve my authorship and increase my readership? I already know that the first answer is to just keep writing. But even that isn’t very settling as the release approaches.

Oh well (big sigh). Back to work. Write on!