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The picture book is almost completed and things are really picking up speed.

Illustrations We are in the final approval stages of the illustrations. I know, I know. Every time I post an update about illustrations, they’re always being approved. . . again. But, there is a lot of feedback involved in the illustration process. It is not a process to be rushed or disregarded. For picture books, the artwork is just as important as the story and it’s what will initially draw young readers to the book. So scrutinize, scrutinize, scrutinize to get it just the way you want it.

ISBN Numbers I FINALLY purchased a batch of ISBN numbers…yeah. I thought I would feel excited about that. In reality, I’m not so sure I did the right thing. Now, there’s only one way to find out. Last year I incorporated a little company just for the purpose of self-publishing. I bought my own ISBN numbers in hopes that it would provide me the flexibility to be able to take my title(s) where ever I want for distribution because some print-on-demand (POD) companies have stipulations on distribution if you purchase your ISBN number from them. I wanted to make sure I maintain total control over my work. Now I wonder if I just created more of a headache in the long run. Only time will tell.

Barcodes Did you know the little barcodes that appear on the back cover a book have to be purchased separately from the ISBN numbers? It’s true. I’ve purchased them and now I have to attach the barcodes to the ISBN numbers for the book. Why haven’t I done it yet? For Newbies who are not yet at this stage, once you attach the barcode, the price you set for your book is permanent. You would have to purchase a separate barcode if you want to change the price of your book. I hesitate, because I want to make sure I’m comfortable with the price of the book I’ve determined and that my price results in some sort of profit. Did I mention I’m a writer? All this math makes my brain hurt…

UPLOAD Once the barcodes are confirmed IT’S TIME to UPLOAD!!!! That’s right. The book will be uploaded to the printer and ready for format adjustments and final touches. This makes my palms sweaty. You see, once the book is uploaded, then it’s all real; no turning back; moving forward, ready-or-not. Deep breath. . . wu-sah!

Location! Location! Location! Last but not least, I finally have a location for the book release. There is a lot of planning centered around the book release, but I’m thinking this should be the fun part. It’s a picture book. That means kids, laughs, a little food and fun read alouds, right? I’m looking forward to this stage of the process.

There you have it. Where are you in your process? How’s it going? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you. Stay on task today people and write on!