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Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. As with any loss, focusing on anything else is very difficult. But as any writer would, I chose to follow my heart and let it guide me through this mix of emotions. Upon hearing the news of my friend’s rapid decline, I was inspired to honor my friend with these words:


I look back on all the things I had time to do.
Everything was there, except for you.
I hadn’t made time for who mattered most,
Now as you slip away, friend, you’ll never know.

If I had another chance I would have called more,
Embraced when you called me “sister” for sure.

Though I know, that you know, that my love was dear,
But it means so much more to be shown and to hear.
A thought, or mere gesture, aren’t always enough,
A word, an act is the ultimate touch.

As you journey to heaven, I just want to say
Time is short, time is near, I plea and I pray.
This may be the day that you may have to leave,
I know in my heart, I have to believe,
That you know that you’re loved, that all of us care,
And you will be missed away up there.

For I know where you’re going. There’s no doubt in my mind,
That God awaits you with open arms in kind.
The angels rejoice as you make your approach,
Toward the light, pearly gates, and rivers of gold.

Though you’ll be missed, I know one thing is true,
Heaven’s gain is special, as God claims you.

From you I have learned that time waits for none.
I will make time for not things, but special loved ones.
Family, friends, and neighbors alike,
I will make time for them, and love without spite.

I love you dear friend,
Go make your ascent,
And I will strive to see you there,
When my time is spent.

For “D”