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IMG_1183This past week I tried something new. In keeping with my New Year, New Commitments philosophy, I actually laid out a work schedule and stuck to it! The end result was quite shocking.

It’s no secret that I start things and become so distracted that I end up not finishing what I started. In the end, I have ten projects in progress with zero projects completed. So I focused on one project and no matter what, stuck with it. I committed to completing my revisions on what may eventually be my first eBook, and viola! I couldn’t believe it. The revisions were done, emailed to my beta group and before I knew it I was on to the next thing.

What’s the next thing? Reviewing those dang illustrations for the picture book. Yes…that’s still a work in progress. But here’s the point: sticking to my plan resulted in something amazing. Prior to last week I was completely disheveled and all over the place. Nothing was getting done including my home commitments. And after all, isn’t that the reason I decided to stay home in the first place? Well, sticking to the plan changed all of that.

I work (write) in the mornings. Therefore, my afternoons are reserved for my home/family responsibilities. Because stayed focused and adhered to my work schedule, I felt 10 times more accomplished and proud of myself which in turn made me feel more energetic and ready to tackle the rest of my day with confidence. For the first time in a long time, everything got done in a day – each day. Progress was being made at “work”, the house was in order, laundry was done (and folded), homework help for the kids was done, and I successfully got everyone to their after school activities without breaking a sweat. I even got the best sleep I’ve gotten in weeks and had time to meet a friend and spend a day having fun while doing double duty making home repairs and improvements that I’d been putting off but suddenly had time to do.


And in case you’re wondering about that double duty while having fun, my friend and I dined together and browsed one of our favorite stores. Now just because I’m having a good time doesn’t mean I can’t also take care of business. While browsing, I picked up some things for those home improvement projects I’d been putting off. When I returned home I was able to hang a new display in the kitchen [pictured above], fix the kids’ clock in their room, and even had time to rearrange and reorganize my writing space which I had been meaning to do for weeks [pictured below]. See? I had a great time with my friend and was still able to get other things accomplished that were just as important.


I can’t stress enough the importance of making a schedule, laying out a plan and sticking with it. Talking about it is one thing; experiencing it is something completely different. I have seen the light! I have been on both sides of the spectrum and I have to say that accomplishing even the smallest goal is just as necessary as it is gratifying. And it certainly aids in having a nice, carefree weekend as well.

Here’s to staying committed and being one step closer to being published. Stay the course and write on!