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So the new year is in full swing! Time for the resolution nightmare to begin,(though I refuse to make any resolutions). I am however, going to make some new commitments to myself. The list is short and sweet.

I won’t say this is the new and improved me, but rather, the me I’ve always been. I’ve just been a little distracted is all. But it’s time to set those distractions aside and push through. I’m so close and yet no where at the same time (if that’s even possible). So, these are my new commitments that will hopefully find me (and you) achieving our goals within the next few months (fingers crossed).

  1. Commit to ME! I am so guilty of spreading myself too thin. We all are. Everyone has responsibilities outside of themselves and we end up getting so caught up in our duties to everyone else that we forget about our duties to ourselves. Then we wonder why nothing’s done and yet we’re always fatigued. STOP the MADNESS! I’m committing to doing what I can do and letting go of the things I can’t. Don’t know how to let go? Let me help you. It’s simple. If you or your kids are involved in so many activities that you can’t keep your head on straight, let something go. If family and friends are pulling you in all different directions and again, you can’t get anything done, say “no”. It’s that simple. And no, this is not one of those easier said than done scenarios. It really is simple. I’m taking control of my life and my schedule. You can do the same. Form your lips in an ‘O’ shape and say it with me, “Noooooooo”. See? Easy.
  2. Commit to Work I don’t know about you, but I have been half steppin’! Wanting the dream, needing the dream, always busy and yet nothing to show for it. After an inward look at myself I realized, I’ve been wanting the pie, but haven’t been committing to following the recipe. I’ve just been going through the motions and trying to do things my way, then wondering why I don’t end up with a pie at all, but just some tasteless semblance of a pie that wasn’t worth the effortless time I put into it in the first place. This has been my approach to writing. I just didn’t realize it. Some things have to change starting with me. No more putting phone calls, social media, errands, and others before work. It’s time to unplug and tune in. Again, simple right?
  3. Commit to Acceptance Hi. I’m Candace and I work from home. There! I said it. No more of this Stay-at-Home mom stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but reality is, I’ve been denying my craft because subconsciously I had not been accepting of who I am and what I do. There is a significant difference between a stay-at-home parent and a parent who works from home. Primarily, stay-at-home means that the work you do and everything related to it revolves around the household – from sunup to sundown. Home is work. When working from home however, that means the office that you used to go to from 9-5 changed locations. You’ve moved. The office is in the house now. So, the work commitments and demands can’t be allowed to fall off just because the new office comes equipped with a bed, a couch, and an entertaining cable lineup. Recognizing this is probably the most important step to actually making some progress in this new career. Whew, another commitment word. Yes, I said it, career. That’s usually how we define a life-long job we intend to grow in long term.
  4. Commit to What’s Next Poof! Be gone shortsightedness! I’m definitely guilty of not planning for what’s to come, but instead planning for the here and now. While short-term goal setting is necessary, it’s not always effective. But short-term goal setting combined with long-term goal-setting and planning is definitely a recipe for success.
  5. Commit to Being Fearless I know, I know. This is one of those easier said than done moments. But oh how crucial it is. Fear is my Achilles heel. Fear, doubt, intimidation, it’s all the same. These are all the things that stand in the way of achieving goals. Fear is the cornerstone of why people get in the way of their own success; why get in the way of my own success. I commit to standing my ground and facing those next steps regardless of what scared inner-me whispers in my ear to keep me from moving forward. I think I’m more exhausted from being afraid than I am of the actual work I’ve put into this venture. Enough is enough. Bye-bye fear, hello ME!

New ventures are both scary and exciting all at the same time. But these past two years have taught me, that many of my frustrations with this process are self inflicted and I am done with over-exerting myself to reap no return. So in this new year, I’m raising my glass to me and all those who are willing to commit to reaching goals, old and new.

Happy New Year! Now Write on and get to work.