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FlowerI’m so glad I participated in the September Writing 101 challenge. Though I couldn’t commit to all of the challenges, it certainly helped me put myself out there as a new writer and this (I think) is the greatest challenge for most writers.

Of all the assignments though, one stood out as being most challenging for me. It was the three part series challenge in which I chose to write about the loss of my Dad. Part I was easy. That allowed me to write some of my most endearing memories of him. Part II? A little more challenging, but therapeutic. By far, I’ve struggled with Part III – moving on. 

I drafted Part III three weeks ago and have yet to revise and post it. I had no idea this would be that difficult. As I reflect and analyze what’s happening emotionally, I think subconsciously, penning the idea of letting go means I actually have to do it, and I’m not so sure that I’ve done that – let go. I tried to focus on all the good that resulted from saying goodbye, but still it’s been hard putting that in ink.

The draft is written, the revisions will be few, but the emotion attached to the writing itself is both emotionally taxing and revealing. It will make me transparent; expose my family and me to the world. But that’s the hard stuff. That’s what makes us writers. We reveal ourselves to the world through our writing, and sometimes it’s more than just getting into an author’s head and learning who that author is. As the writer behind the work, it is personal. In this case, it’s acknowledging having to move on from someone I was never ready to let go of in the first place.

Stay tuned for Part III in my three part series. And like I always say. . . Write on. . .