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I’ve read blogs, books, and attended a few seminars that all advise the same thing when finishing a work – walk away from it. Let it sit. Leave it alone for a while before picking it up again. I remember immediately thinking what a great concept. Yes. If I don’t touch it for a while I can take a fresh look at the work before revising it.

I also remember thinking I would know exactly how it felt to complete a long project such as a novel, or novella. I thought I would feel a sense of relief, accomplishment. I recently advised a friend who finally achieved a long-term personal goal and has experienced great success as a result, to sit back (just for a little while) and enjoy it. She wanted to jump right in and get back to work. I strongly advised against it. I thought it would be wise for her to just bask in the after glow of completing this major work, then return to work after taking a little time off. We agreed to disagree.

Well, now I’m finally in the completion circle. I finally finished a long work. After all the writers blocks, brick walls, procrastination, and busy schedules, I typed my final sentence (not realizing it was the last sentence) stared at the screen and said, “I think that’s it. I’m done. I think I just finished it!” I’m still waiting for the reality of that to set in. I’m still waiting for the moment when I feel I can take a breath and walk away from the manuscript before making my revisions. . . It hasn’t come yet.

I instead want to go boldly against the grain, charge forward, and get to work revising. What happened to enjoying the moment? Taking it all in? What happened to taking my own advice? Now I understand why my friend disagreed with me. I want to push forward.

BUT, As eager as I am to get back in there and get that manuscript revised, I’m going to take the advice of the writing community and walk away from it. Just for a moment. I’m thinking I’ll give it a week, maybe two. I’m doing this begrudgingly. And I can’t promise I’m actually going to stick with it, but I’m certainly going to try. Here goes . . .

Write on! But if you finished a large manuscript, then Write something else. Happy writing:)