“Bigger is Better”

“It’s so. . . big,” she said.

“Just what you wanted, right?” he said. He was cunning, she could sense it.

“I’m nervous. What if I can’t,” she looked around, suddenly aware of the few onlookers, “you know?”

“You’ll be fine. Besides, I won’t judge you. I’ll just be along for the ride,” he said. He tapped his fingers in a rapid rhythm on his knee.

“But, I’m not very experienced with,” she lowered her voice, “something this size. I’ve always been such a simple girl.”

“Just relax, take a deep breath. I’ll guide you. And you’ll do fine.”

“It’s just that, I’m so used to a more average build, easy to handle. You know? Simple.” Her face felt warm. She trembled slightly. She didn’t want to appear to be intimidated by him, but she knew what she liked. She had hoped she hadn’t offended him.

“No one’s even paying attention. Just do what you know how to do. But, take it slow. Take a deep breath, get in gear, and show me what you got.” He made it seem so easy. Like everything was black and white. But she knew he was right.

She closed her eyes. She wanted this. Here – now. She’d been preparing herself for this for months. She sat for a moment, taking it all in. This was what she needed. She looked at him and smiled sheepishly.

“Ready?” he asked.

She nodded. Steadying her hand, she grabbed it firmly. It felt warm, smooth, natural in the palm of her hand. She liked the feel of the texture rubbing against her skin. She looked at him seductively. He closed his eyes. She could see the tension leave him as he relaxed his shoulders.

Do what you know how to do, his words echoed in her ear. She took a deep breath. She tugged gently, shifting the truck into reverse, and slowly began backing it out of the space, praying she wouldn’t hit anyone.

“See,” he said, “you’re doing fine. I’ll bet it’s much easier to handle than that old junker of yours.”

She smiled. “You’re right,” she said. Her heart was pounding. She put her foot on the break, then shifted the truck into drive. “It does handle better than that old junker . . . and it’s bigger!”

She looked forward, put her foot on the accelerator, and drove onto the open road ahead.