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Self-illustrating my picture books is an idea I toyed with from the beginning of this exploration into writing. I decided to focus on one new venture at a time – writing. As I continue writing, I am still learning what I can about the possibility of illustrating my own books. In doing so, I downloaded a sketching app to familiarize myself with the technology behind it all and to begin to get a feel for the different types of software available to self-publishers. I think with a little more practice, time, and commitment, illustrating my own books can be a reality.

The two sketches below are free-hand sketches created by me, Candace Ruffin.



I cheated on this one a little and created it using a photo for the base lines. Not bad, but I’m working on my free-hand.


As a writer, would you consider illustrating your own books? What’s keeping you from it? Share in the comments below.

Write on!