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Occasionally I get moved to jot down a few lines of poetry. Whether it is good or not is left to the reader. But this one was inspired by a mere observation. We are writers regardless of genre. There is no rule that says you should only write within one genre. If you’re so moved, then grab your pencil, pen, or handy device and ink the words that are in your heart. It doesn’t matter the genre, only that you scribe.

Waving goodbye.
Arms outstretched.
Smiling. Waving.

Fading away.
Apart we grow.
Fading smiles.
Arms are down.

I look ahead.
Missing your song,
Missing your dance.

The sun shines ahead.
Arms to greet.
Sharp and robust.
So many cheek-to-cheek.

Tall and royal.
Spirited joy.
Shielding. Protecting.
Abundant in love.
Clear again.

Do you write poetry despite your genre? What inspires you to write poetry? Share in the comments below. Whatever you feel the need to pen, write on!