Self-publishing can be financially draining, especially when working on a shoestring budget. Sacrifices have to be made. In our case, this meant making some financial adjustments in order to incorporate traveling into our summer plans.

Having to accommodate a new life decision of writing affects the whole family. Though writing is a solitary profession, it is important to understand that life still goes on for the rest of the family too. But, just because some adjustments have to be made, doesn’t mean the summer has to be reduced to sitting around staring at the t.v. and being couch potatoes all-day-every-day.

We designed a strict savings plan specifically for traveling so we could still take a few road trips. We opted for road trips within a few hours drive of our home which still had to be planned, but didn’t require as much spending as traveling greater distances would have. [For more details about our savings plan, leave a comment below].

Still, we had a great summer. The kids had fun. And I feel rested and ready to get back in the swing of things.

Though I’m not much of a beach goer, a day at the beach can be a pretty economical getaway for families, friends, couples, and folks just looking to have a good time.

This pelican perched right over the safety sign. Coincidence?



Headed to hubby’s hometown.


We took the kids and their friends to the park for a day. They had a blast. I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way that’s a shoestring budget idea! Trust me. This was a very budget-friendly trip . . . we scored some free tickets! How’s that for staying on budget?

Our local farmer’s market includes a petting zoo for kids (even the big ones). $.50 for a cup of food to feed the animals? Super reasonable. My oldest son [pictured below] loves animals, so this was a morning well spent.

BBall FunMy youngest son [pictured right] is completely addicted to sports. Basketball is his favorite, so one or two weeks in basketball camp is a real life saver for us. We found a camp sponsored by a local high school. This camp was beyond affordable compared to others since the staff consisted of the high school varsity team and was run by the school’s coaching staff.

Many high schools have community hours requirements for juniors and seniors. Volunteering at the camp allowed them to get their hours and still have fun with the kids which keeps the camp affordable.

Book Store

Of course we had to get in some cheap thrills at our local bookstore. Summer means fun. And we do our best to make sure that our children understand that that includes reading. Kids can’t develop a love of reading if it’s always seen as a chore. Weekly trips to the bookstore and/or public library are a summer must in our home.

Finally, we killed two birds with one stone. Every year my husband and I try to squeeze in a summer getaway just for the two of us. For our family this means ROAD TRIP! Yes. A road trip to Grandma’s house. A hug & kiss, a wave goodbye and we’re off! We stayed within two hours of Grandma’s and escaped to the Georgia mountains. What a way to cap off the summer.

Managing finances can be a major struggle when going through this process. But with a little discipline and imagination, anything’s possible.

Write on!