Mr TigerDisclaimer: One of the benefits of working from home is being able to be productive in a professional capacity before having even showered for the day (hence, the stuffed, typing tiger). In an effort to protect my readers from me in all my morning glory, consider Mr. Tiger here my stand-in. That’s my disclaimer folks. And with that…

The summer is finally over! It’s time to get back to this beast called writing. Yes!

While I absolutely enjoyed every bit of summer, reality is (for me) that with summer comes a lot of inconsistencies in writing. There is no substitute for time well-spent with family and friends. And it was certainly a good ride. But, when you can’t get the “business” of your life done, it gnaws at the back of your mind. Not writing daily has been eating away at me all summer long and I’ve been itching to get back to it.

With a newly revised schedule and timeline all laid out for the next several months I have just been pounding the keys. So-much-so, that I felt compelled to blog about it. I have a list of blog entries ready to write according to my new schedule, but I couldn’t wait. I wanted – needed to share this. My fingers have been click, click, clicking away since yesterday. It’s a good feeling folks. The summer has been rejuvenating. Refreshing. Cleansing. And now, it’s time to get back to the pen of things (cue deep inhale, now exhale).

I read this quote by young author, Emma Jane Unsworth, and it inspired me:

Advice-wise, whatever it is you’re working on, finish it. Get to the end. Create some kind of complete story ‘shape’. This can (and probably will) be messy and wrong, but you need to shape it into something because only then will you know what you’re dealing with.

via Why Do Writers Write? – In Pictures | AnOther.

Inconsistencies are one of the things that happen in writing. It’s what makes us better writers. It is important to learn from those inconsistencies; learn from every mistake, every pause, every poor decision and use it to become a stronger writer. Use it finish your masterpiece(s). Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by all you have not accomplished, instead focus on all that you will accomplish.

Let’s get to it writers. Write on!