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Ruffin Logo_WebI started the process of finding a custom logo designer. Read about my logo nightmare here to understand the importance of having a custom logo. Anyway, so the logo is almost complete. Yay! Soon, that will be another item to cross off my checklist.

The logo design process has been a simple one. My designer provided me with an easy questionnaire to get an understanding of my style, and my idea for the logo. [SIDE NOTE: Most designers will also provide a sample of their work. You’ll want to view work samples before deciding on a designer to make sure their style is a match for yours. I skipped this part because I already knew him. I do NOT recommend you skip viewing work samples.] After filling out my questionnaire he went to work. He soon emailed me several samples of a design. We went back and forth a few times with feedback. This was all simple feedback such as, I like this icon, but let’s match it with that text design. He made changes and provided several more samples incorporating my ideas with his creative genius. I narrowed it down and all that was left from that point was to determine color and voila! Done is done.

I’m pleased with my logo and it was extremely easy working with my designer. My logo is simple, it fits my personal style, and my company. Best of all, it’s custom made for me! So I SHOULDN’T have anymore worries about going to the store with my kids and seeing my logo on the side of someone else’s vehicle. What a nightmare. For me, this also marks the completion of my incorporation. I’m ready to go full speed ahead with the creation of my books and the development of my brand.

Whomever you work with for your logo design will provide your logo in different formats for you to use at your discretion on letterhead, labels, websites, etc. You will be able to use your custom logo for promotional items such as pens, notepads, etc. And of course you’ll be able to upload it to your website and social media. It is up to you to negotiate your package and pricing. There are several providers available that will work with you. You can go big or go small. That’s between you and your budget. There are independent designers and large graphic design companies out there that will be happy to work with you. You can spend $200 or $2000 depending on your needs. Don’t be overwhelmed by this process. Just get out there and start gathering information. I started on the internet. Then I started networking within the arts community. I looked into the local colleges as well. The funny thing is, my designer came from having a casual conversation with someone at one of my son’s practices. It worked out great for me.

Dragging your feet on these processes doesn’t benefit you, your books, or the public. I’m learning that. Though it may be intimidating at first, the process ends up being a lot simpler than you think. If you need a logo for your start-up, get out there and find a designer. You can find someone that will work within your price range and still provide a quality product for you.

Post any questions or comments below. Good luck newbies and write on!