Though my life has been topsy-turvy for the past couple of months, believe it or not, I have actually been working on my books. I am writing books that focus on children (in case you didn’t know that already). my goal is to publish picture books as well as chapter books for young readers. Through this journey I have struggled with finding a balance between my work schedule (writing, blogging, editing) and life at home, but was successfully able to do so after months of trying. Now, I have a new family dynamic that though temporary, still affects my day-to-day work flow. With all that being said, I could see how it would be easy to assume I haven’t accomplished anything in these few months. But to the contrary, I actually have.  

As you know I found an illustrator for my picture book and I was extremely excited about that. But in good Cane fashion, of course I didn’t find a simple illustrator whom I would pay to illustrate my books and move on. OH Noooo. That would be too simple for my life style. It turns out (and I knew this going into our agreement) that he’s not only an illustrator, but also a project manager and publisher (among other things). JACKPOT! Right? Yes it is! What this means is (if I pay to play) he can not only illustrate my books for me, but he can also provide me with the one-on-one guidance I need to see my book from start to finish. And if I decide that self-publishing is too complicated, he can also publish my books for me. Of course this is all assuming he likes my manuscripts enough to invest the time, and that I have the budget to foot the bill for such services. Regardless of those factors, my mind is a bit at ease knowing I have someone to help me get through the final stages of publishing.

I am still self-publishing my book because this is something I ventured into that I want to see to the end. I want to know this process inside and out. So, he’s going to help me see it through. What that means is, while he’s working on the illustrations, I have responsibilities to take care of in the meantime that directly effect the completion of my book. He is providing a timeline and checklist to make sure I get it all done without losing my mind. I have to say that having that checklist has made a world of difference for me. So, as I go through the process of completing my checklist, I’ll share those processes and experiences with you in hopes that you’ll gain something from it as well.

It’s good to be back. I’ve missed posting. But I think I have things figured out (at least for now).

Stay tuned and write on!