Okay, curve balls are one thing, but this is just bananas! There are some things in life, that no matter what you do – how hard you prepare, you’re still not quite ready for the impact. First, everything is fine, and everyone is okay. My family has undergone a major transition that we just weren’t as ready for as we thought.

handsMoving in a parent isn’t easy. In fact, the reaction from others when I “break the news” has been quite telling. The confused smile through gritted teeth; the taut downward mouth-tug that defines every major artery running through the neck; the wide-eyed “Oh” comment followed by, ‘So how’s that going?’ all speak to the sour experiences and low expectations people have when having to live with or take in a parent. This is one of life’s toughest transitions. At some point, all of us will be met with the same decision, either as the parent or the adult child. Either way, it’s one of those curve balls that you’re never really ready for, even when you see it coming.

I haven’t been on a hiatus, I’ve been trying to find a way to make it all fit together and run as smoothly as possible. Obviously, I have to and have had to make some adjustments. I’ve always stressed the importance of being flexible. I’ve simply found myself in a place where my flexibility is being put to the test. My schedule, daily routines, all of it has to change. And clearly it’s going to take time for me to figure out the best way to make that change happen. Forgive me if my posts aren’t as regular as they had been. I’m working to find a schedule that is conducive to our new lifestyle. Like children, transitioning seniors have needs, and that’s a priority in my life right now (along with everything else, right?).

So, I’ll be posting as much as possible, when it’s possible, to keep you guys up-to-date on the happenings with Creating Cane. A lot has transpired during this big transition and I am losing my mind! But the writing continues and so do I. Stay tuned and write on!