It’s no secret that I’ve incorporated myself for my self-publishing venture. Within my incorporation process I thought it would be a good idea to have some business cards made up. You know, to network a bit, get my name out there, blah, blah, blah.

I was so excited about my business cards. I had these glorious visions of having my fancy cards in my fancy holder and whipping it out to distribute to someone and seeing their faces all impressed with my professional presentation. Enter bubble burst.

So, I spent a week on one of those popular,get-a-good-deal-now-on-a-million-cards-for-just-$2.00 sites, designing the perfect business card, with the perfect color theme, and coming up with the perfect verbiage to promote myself. And then it came down to the logo design. I wanted to choose something that represented me and the direction of my company. I chose one of the templates because of course I don’t have a logo for my company yet. I mean, what was the big deal right. I could always have a logo designed later and just use the template temporarily. I chose the perfect design. Clicked submit. I was ready to roll.

My cards arrived via snail mail the week of Christmas. Perfect timing with my husband’s themed gifts which centered around the start up of my company. I was thrilled. And yes, at the first opportunity I was probably all too eager to hand over my card. (Don’t even ask how many times I practiced saying, “Here’s my card” or some variation of it. I knew I was on my way to a successful career as a writer.

Two weeks ago I was sitting at a stop light – kids in the back seat, headed to somebody’s practice. A car passed through the intersection to make a left turn. Slapped on the driver’s side door was a big car magnet advertising some company (I have no idea what) with the SAME logo template I had pasted all over my new, perfect business cards. . . I spoke with a graphic designer last week. My new logo design is in progress. Lesson learned (sigh).