The year’s end and beginning are quite a busy time for my family. From September through March, we are on a celebration roller coaster. My oldest son’s birthday begins at the end of September; candy in October; the big Thanksgiving feast in November; Christmas in December; New Year’s in January; Hubby’s birthday in February (along with Valentine’s Day); AND back-to-back birthdays in March – mine and my youngest son’s. Whoo! – that was a mouthful.

With that being said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Before I go off to celebrate my big day though, you already know what has to happen. I have to put my time in at the office first. Business first, playtime later. I do have a deadline to meet after all. Since my son’s birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday Little Face!), we usually celebrate over a few days to make sure everyone gets their fair share. Don’t go feeling sorry for the other two though. We always make their birthdays special weekend-long celebrations too.

Since I don’t know everything Hubby has planned for me, off I must go to get things done. I have to make sure I’m prepared because he always makes my big day (or weekend) special.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend! I know I will.

Write on!