Hey Fellow Newbies!

Now that I’m finally recovered from the traveling cooties that have made their way through my house, this week is all about getting back on track. I’ve fallen a little behind with my work and find it necessary to refocus and get things moving. So this week, I’ll be resuming my regular schedule. The weather is beautiful, so I have no excuse for not being in my writing space. I also plan on getting my new desk this week to help me stay organized and on task so the changing weather will no longer be an excuse for not getting things done. So I’m keeping this post short and sweet so I can get back at it.

I looked at my timeline and realized my novel deadline is this month! Therefore, there’s no time to delay. No matter what’s thrown at me this month, I have to meet my deadline. That is the goal I’ve set and I’d just kick myself if I didn’t make my goal.

As a reminder to my fellow Newbies, if you still haven’t laid out a working timeline for your writing goals, be sure to get that done. Let that be your goal for this week. Make a schedule and set deadlines for yourself. This will help hold you accountable for your writing. We get busy. Life can easily get in the way and we find ourselves making zero progress on our publishing goals. Set those deadlines and STICK TO THEM! This novel deadline is my accountability. And no – I’m not going to erase it and change the date to make it more convenient. I’m just going to get to work!

With all that said, off I go to finish my workout and exceed my daily writing goal so I can make my deadline at the end of this month. Wish me luck. . . I’m so easily distracted:)

Write on!