MemorialI’ve been under the weather all week and my writing has been sketchy at best. In addition to that, I had to take timeout to be Mommy for a moment, despite being sick (because Mommy’s can never be sick). This week, we lost our last little pet gerbil to old age. Of course we were sad and my boys, (especially my almost-7 seven year old) were devastated. So, I took a time out and buried our beloved gerbil next to her sister. . . But not before going to my local home improvement store to get a few flowers to dress up the burial site. Of course this turned into a project. It was worth it in the end because the boys appreciated seeing the once baron rock that marked the grave of our first little friend, all dressed up to show our love for both of our little friends.

With all that, Mommy’s job still wasn’t done. You see, upon saying goodbye to our beloved gerbils, the almost 7 year old thought it appropriate to throw in a touching little prayer asking God to care for our gerbils up in Heaven and make sure they’re happy – and oh yeah – give us another pet. Being the sucker that I am when it comes to animals, of course we went out that night in hopes of finding two new gerbils to grace our home and our family with all their whiskery, furry, cuteness.

Well, we never found any gerbils. We did find teddy bear hamsters though. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to our home. What did make it you ask?

Meet Smokey . . .


. . . our new pet RABBIT!

No, I don’t know a thing about keeping rabbits . . . well . . . I didn’t know a thing about keeping them. I’ve researched my eyeballs out to make sure we can give Smokey the best care possible. I’m excited, the kids are excited, and even Hubby’s excited.

Welcome to our family Smokey! Another adventure begins.