imageIf you follow me on FaceBook then you know about my lovely Christmas gift from my dear, sweet husband. For Christmas, the most thoughtful man in the world presented me with a leather bound writing journal engraved with the words, Cane’s Ideas on the latch. How thoughtful. Because every writer needs a notebook or journal to jot down . . . well . . . stuff! I have always been a keeper of notebooks, and notepads, sticky notes and scraps. But once I started pursuing writing full time, I quickly learned that having my ideas scattered about on scrap paper and sticky notes was bananas! They’d fly out of my purse when I’d reach in for my wallet; or I’d make a mistake and toss it with the old receipts balled up in the pockets of my purse; or I’d lend it to someone to spit their gum out on not realizing it was scrap I needed to keep. I don’t have a good track record with little pieces of paper. I needed an idea book. A place where I could keep all of my ideas and inspirations in one place.

I try to pull inspiration from everywhere. Many times, I’m on the go when something hits me. I could be inspired to write a poem, a short story, or use an experience I had that day to develop one of my characters. You never know where you will be when an idea strikes. And since I’m convinced that teaching made me ADD, it’s become especially important for me to write down ideas the moment I think of them. Otherwise, they will be lost in the abyss of my brain forever.

An idea book or journal has been essential to this journey. I sketch, jot down blog ideas, even poems. Before Christmas, I had already purchased a mini sized hard bound journal to keep in my purse which I’ve affectionately named Little Red . . . because . . . it’s red. I know in this age of technology it would be easy to just jot my ideas on the notepad app on my phone and be done with it. Yeah – tried that. That worked great until I went to pull up my notes one day and they were all GONE! Deleted. Wiped out! Every note I’d taken over the past two years was completely cleared from my phone and nowhere to be found in the Cloud. I bought my little red pocket-sized journal that day. My phone notes stayed missing for a couple of weeks. Then one day I opened the Notes app and voila! Everything had been restored. Strange. I’m not willing to take that risk again. When the inspiration hits me while I’m out and about, I whip out Little Red and write it down. If I’m home, I whip out my Idea Book and write it down.

The Notebook

I’m so grateful to my husband for my Idea Book. If you haven’t already, find a little notebook or journal to help you keep track of all those wonderful ideas of yours that are just waiting to leap out of your head and onto the pages of your new book. Every good writer needs one. And once you get it, write on!