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Those of you who follow my blog know that my goal for the spring is to have my writing shed built. Sadly . . . the shed must wait. This was such a difficult decision. And yes, I shed a tear . . . well . . . a lot of tears. BUT . . . I’ve accepted this slight change in plans and must charge on. 

I’ve mentioned several times how one has to be flexible while writing and open to change through this process. Well, unfortunately, my dear sweet shed is one of those things that must change. It’s not that it won’t happen. It’s just not going to happen right now. I’ve had to make an executive decision. . . a financial decision. I was faced with two choices: Illustrate the book or get the shed. I came up with tons of reasons why the shed was more important, but reality is, I must continue to invest in myself in order to see my dream come true. I’ve decided to put the money toward illustrations. The shed will come. While I understand that I need the shed, the importance of getting my project to completion far outweighs the luxury of having a private space for writing. Reality is, I can write anywhere . . . I just don’t want to.

So what’s my plan in the meantime? It’s not as awesome as the shed, but it is a solution all the same. I’ve found the perfect spot in my home for a small writing desk that will be just for me – no paying bills; no kids doing homework; no hubby doing his online classes; it’ll just be for me and my writing. I found a spot where I’ll have the view of my yard that inspires me so much, and it’ll be the perfect location to write when I can’t sit outside in my space. Clearly the shed would be ideal, but I have to be smart here and get this book to completion. I’ll just use this tiny setback as motivation (though I hate to call it a setback when the alternative is getting the book illustrated in order to move it closer to publication).

So, shed or no shed, still I write and so shall you. Write on!