love treeIt’s Valentine’s Day! The day that many couples fuss over, puppy lovers drool over, and singles dread if no one significant is in their life, has finally come. And while this day can be highly stressful for many, it’s still a fun day for kids.

Now, I’m not much of a fan so I don’t typically do much for Valentine’s Day. It’s too commercial for me. Besides that, it falls right between three birthdays in our household which can become pretty draining financially. But despite all that I am a mother and a wife first and since my Dad always made Valentine’s Day special for my sisters and me, then so it shall be for my boys. Therefore, I make it a point to make this day mean something to them each year.

This year, since this special day fell on a Friday. I thought it would be fun to give  a small token of love on each day of the week leading up to today. Nothing extravagant. Just simple little tokens with a handwritten note to show them I love them. (Of course I did simple tokens for my hubby too, but that’s another post). Valentine’s Day can still be special in spite of how commercial it’s become.

So, here’s a walk through our week of Love . . .

Monday – Just a simple love note tucked in an everyday spot for each of my fellas, big and small, to show I care.


Tuesday – The kids woke to breakfast served on new character place mats with a  sweet treat in their lunchboxes and a love note from Mama:)

Valentines II

Wednesday – The boys came home to a bubbly surprise with a Valentine’s snack and another love note from yours truly. Valentines IIIThursday – A small greeting from Pac Man and a love note awaited their arrival from school on this day.


Valentine’s DayAnd finally, a new cuddly friend (stuffed), the last love note, sweets & treats, and balloons awaited them to cap off the festivities.

Day 5 II

Day 5

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show a little love to those nearest and dearest to your heart.