Super Bowl 1As most of you know, here in the U.S., yesterday was the big game day (Super Bowl XLVIII). Celebrations occur everywhere for the big event and my house was no different. Though it could have been much worse, like so many others dragging their feet and trying to pick up the pieces from either a triumphant win or a humiliating loss, the post-game aftermath is in the air (or all over my kitchen. . . and living room . . . and dining room). But life goes on. This year’s mess isn’t as bad as years’ past. That is the benefit to having a smaller gathering versus a larger one. But, the after-party remnants are still there just the same.

Super Bowl 2Despite the aftermath, I will still manage to write today. There will be no putting it off because I had to clean up this mess; or getting to it later because I had to scrub whatever that weird, sticky stain is that mysteriously appeared on the rug. There will be no excuses, just adhering to my regular schedule today. If I were still teaching and had to go to work at the school this mess would still be here when I got back and I would just have to get to it upon returning from work. Well, the same rules apply. This mess will still be here when I’m done writing. So, work first, mess later! Gotta get it done. . . argh! Oh well.

Happy writing today folks . . . then happy cleaning (for me anyway).

Write on!