I have mentioned the importance of carving out a place where one can be productive. This is essential for the non-writer as well. Everyone needs a space (in or out of their home) where they feel most productive. For me (currently) that space is on my lanai. I live in a climate in which, for the most part, this is reasonable. The down side is productivity in my space can be hampered by weather. Fortunately 85% of the time weather is a non-issue for me.

This has been my first winter with my space. I’ve had the opportunity to monitor my work output over a four week period throughout our winter season thus far, and here is what I’ve determined:

Having a work space or (creative space) is ESSENTIAL! When I am unable to work in my place of creativity, I am not nearly as productive as I am when I can actually be in my space. I accomplished more yesterday than I have on any given day in the weeks prior. If you haven’t found a place yet where you can get lost in yourself and create, it may very well be the key element you’re missing in trying to reach your writing goals. And remember, this is applicable regardless of what your work is (art, music, school work, work from home, etc.) It doesn’t matter. You can not expect to be as successful if you do not have an organized space in which to focus on your work.

For me, my lanai is where I feel most creative, so that’s where I created my space. I also like the garage (because I like tools and working with my hands as well), but the garage is not realistic for me year-round because it holds too much heat for where I live. For you, on the other hand, the garage may be an option. Don’t rule out anything! Basements, bathrooms, closets, whatever! Find a spot, no matter how small, and be creative. Figure out a way to make it work. You must reach those daily goals, whatever they are. Believe me, I’m no saint when it comes to achieving goals. Yesterday was the first time I met my writing goal. I came close each day I’ve been writing. And yes, I met the average beginner goal that most professionals suggest. But I had a higher goal set for myself, and yesterday was the first time I hit it! It felt easy since I was back in my space. I know there will be up days and down days, but yesterday just felt good.

Find a space. Organize it. Create. Be productive. And to my fellow writers – Write on!