One day can throw the entire week off. The kids were home from school earlier this week and it completely disrupted my schedule for the week. I’ve been running to play catch up all week! It never seizes to amaze me how one wrinkle can upset the entire balance of things. Now, please don’t misunderstand. I enjoyed my day off with my family, but what I realized is, because I still don’t have an adequate working schedule then I had nothing I could refer back to to get me back on task. So, obviously there’s some revamping necessary for me to do.

I’m learning constantly that it is important to remain flexible through this process, especially those of you who, like me, have decided to tackle this thing full time. Reality is I don’t know what I’m doing . . . Yet. But I won’t beat myself up over that. I’ll instead address the problem head on. Clearly I need to adjust the so-called schedule I established for myself. If it had been adequate, there would be no cause for me to feel as if I didn’t know what My next steps were just because the kids were home. I admit, my former schedule wasn’t concrete. I didn’t have anything written down for me to refer back to when the hustle and bustle of life begins to interfere. So I’ve actually taken the time this week to utilize the writing planner I invested in a few months ago and write out a concrete, daily schedule. This goes hand-in-hand with acknowledging my writing as an actual business. I need to treat it as such. With a day-to-day schedule of my writing tasks laid out (on paper) in front of me, there’s no excuse for not feeling – no – not being accomplished.

Write on!