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For those of you looking to publish children’s picture books – Research! Research! Research! Finding a good illustrator can be daunting and the rates are astronomical! It is imperative that you research the process and the rates to be sure to find the plan that fits your budgetary needs. It almost seems that if you don’t have the ability to make the financial investment for your illustrations, then you have to sacrifice quality. This is not necessarily true. I am seeking an illustrator for other books I’m working on and it can be quite an overwhelming process, but don’t give up.

Consider funding sites such as Pubslush and Kickstarter to help fund your project as an option; consider hiring advanced students from the local college or university in your area; do it yourself and invest in quality software; or . . . just get a job! Whatever path you choose for illustrating your book, just be sure it’s the right option for you. And by all means, do not sacrifice quality.

I am trying to determine the best route for me. Either way, I am not willing to sacrifice the quality of my book. The bottom line is, publishing picture books is expensive. You either invest in yourself or you don’t. Ultimately, your books represent who you are as a writer and as a professional in the industry. Do NOT sacrifice the quality of your product cutting corners because you either don’t want to invest in it, or you feel that you can’t afford to invest in it. Establish a plan for your book project and execute that plan. If your timeline takes longer than you initially anticipated, then so-be-it. I would much rather wait several months (if I must) in order to better prepare for my project, than rush it and produce something that is merely sub-par.

It’s a lot to think about. But in the meantime, I won’t be sitting on my donkey pondering what to do . . . I’ll still be writing;)

Write on!