My parents always taught me that old cliche, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Admittedly, teaching a child like me such a skill was not without it’s challenges. I was born with slight damage to my internal filter. Now, I’m better than many in that my filter is operational most of the time, but sometimes it goes on the fritz. Those of us who often have filter malfunction have spent many occasion putting a foot in the mouth – sometimes two.

Well, there are times that I’m grateful for my filter. It does actually work, like I said, just not all the time. But I actually like that it malfunctions on occasion. It’s one of the things that makes me the quirky me that I am. Though it definitely has its drawbacks, there are also some benefits to it as well.

See, those of us who have had to master the art of filtering (and I in no way claim to be a master by any means), aren’t cured. It doesn’t just go away. What happens is we simply stifle it. What results is an internal world of inappropriate, comedic situations. How do you think writers come up with sketch comedies? Sketch comedies are just a venue to vent all that inappropriate humor trapped in someone’s filter that was never repaired. For those of us who aren’t successful with putting that on paper and creating an episode to be aired for all to see, it stays trapped in our heads, only to be released at the mercy of our poor friends and families as our audience, doubled over with laughter making comments like, Only you; Where do you get this stuff from? and You are the only person I know that that would happen to. Reality is, life happens and the really good stuff, you just can’t make up. It’s life.

In short, I find myself laughing at life around me . . . on a regular basis. And I must say, life is pretty doggone funny. You have to find the ability to laugh, smile – find the humor in situations. Its what makes life enjoyable. Of course, keeping it to yourself does prevent someone else from having hurt feelings and you from putting your foot in your mouth, but oh the joy you feel inside laughing at life while others are totally oblivious to what you’re thinking. I’m not saying make fun of people, or don’t take things seriously. I’m merely saying, sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. Enjoy life people! It’s funny.