The kids are back in school, the house is a mess, Stephen King continues to chastise me for not being the writer I’ve proclaimed myself to be, and it’s 30 degrees outside! Did I mention I live in Florida? Whoo!

The holidays are officially over and it’s time to assume some sense of normalcy again. As I work to return to my regular schedule, Stephen King has given me a lot to think about. Thanks to him, I’m actually making the time to read, and instead of making time to write, I’m taking time to write (There’s a difference you know). After reading about his life leading up to becoming a well published author – the number of jobs he had; his commitment and passion for writing; the number of rejected submissions – I realized I was making a bunch of excuses for not doing what I committed to do.

But, I like to focus on solutions rather than dwell on the couldha’-shouldha’-wouldhas’ as they say. In the past two weeks, I’ve grown tremendously on this path and am charging forward, full speed ahead. I’ve accomplished so much more in this short amount of time and have made an exceptional amount of progress on my current project. Case in point: I awoke early this morning because I couldn’t sleep. Normally I would grab my iPad and play my favorite apps until the sun comes up (Candy Crush Saga, Sims Freeplay, FaceBook, etc.). But, I instead grabbed my laptop and pounded away. Two chapters later, it was time to get the kids ready for school. Success! I used my time wisely and can go about the rest of my day without being stressed about how I’m falling behind because I haven’t gotten any writing in today. Of course I’m sleepy and a little tired, but I have a real sense of peace when I’m able to write and make progress on my books. It makes it easier for me to take on the rest of the world. This is my work, my job, my passion, and I have to approach it as such.

Newbies, this is a mind-boggling, head-spinning, whirl-wind of a process. You have to press on! Don’t dwell on your setbacks and faults. We all make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes on our quests to become published writers. What I’m taking from the advice of Stephen King and many other writers who have shared their knowledge is no matter what, you have to keep writing – keep writing – keep writing – keep writing! None of us know what this journey has to offer in the end, but we have to pursue it and continue to press forward in order to rightfully deem ourselves worthy of being called writers. Stay true to yourselves Newbies and to your work and no matter what . . . Write on!