‘Twas the day before Christmas,
And all through the house,
The kids were excited,
Doing flips off the couch!

The stockings were hung
in just the right spot,
By the chimney with no fire,
Because Florida’s still hot.

The sweet smell of goodies,
Danced through the house,
‘Cause I slaved all day yesterday,
Baking my heart out.

‘Round about dusk,
As the Christmas lights glow,
The kids get antsy,
For they already know,

What’s coming next,
As they prepare for the night –
To wake up on Christmas,
Feeling Merry and bright.

Treats in their stockings,
Gifts under the tree,
Together and loving,
With such joy and glee.

We celebrate the season,
First honoring Christ,
Then unwrapping gifts,
That were way over-priced!

But no matter the cost,
One thing remains,
Christmas brings us together,
And I can’t complain.

With that, please remember
Christmas comes once a year,
‘Tis the season of giving,
And spreading good cheer.

Enjoy this good time,
With those you adore,
And Merry Christmas to all,
From our family to yours.