I’ve had a lot of time to sit and reflect on my process. I’ve come to the conclusion that despite my best efforts, finding time for writing can be rather daunting. There always seems to be something that gets in the way. There is always some type of distraction. I find myself envious of my friend at times. Though she’s not a writer, she is an artist, and it seems much more reasonable for her to find ways to work her art into her schedule because her studio is separate from her house. This makes me long for my writing shed. I know I must practice patience, but I feel as though I can have more of a consistent schedule once the shed is erected and ready for writing. I’m doing my best to work in as much writing as possible, but it is quite a challenge.

My point is, I’m not backing down. I won’t let these distractions get the best of me, but I can’t help but feel I should be much further along than I am. I’m sure this is a part of finding my way as a writer, and I won’t be satisfied until that first book is published and I’m more comfortable with the process to get the next one out. Even after first publication, this will still be a learning process. But there is comfort in thinking that at least then I would have a greater sense of familiarity and confidence.

Hang in there newbies.