Blocked - BaffledA friend once told me, when experiencing writers’ block, just type or write one word on the paper and leave it alone. Eventually, your thoughts will open up and the words will flow. I have tried this technique with success a couple of times. Yet, other times I was not so successful. I guess it really depends on how one would define success.

The times I applied the technique and it worked, I seemed to get results fairly quickly — say within an hour.  If going a couple of days before something comes to me is also defined as successful, then I’m batting a thousand! There are times when the urge to write is there, but a writer is just plain stuck! An idea may be lurking, but the words to bring it together into a cohesive piece escape you. Other times, there really isn’t anything there. It doesn’t matter how many strategies you apply, how long you sit and think, how much brainstorming you do, it just isn’t there.

Unfortunately, it happens. I like to think that every writer comes to a point, on more than one occasion, when you just have to step away, and allow the inspiration to carry the pen. Sure, I take my own advice and just write. This can mean jotting down random thoughts and thinking those ideas through on paper. But writing is an art. Just as an artist will not rush a fine masterpiece, a writer, especially a creative writer, will not knowingly publish or share something that isn’t heart-felt, or isn’t, according to the writer’s standard, good, quality writing.

By all means, take my advice and just write everyday. But stay true to who you are as a writer. I find that more often than not, a writer’s personality comes out in his/her work. So, publish, share those pieces you’re passionate about and feel good about. But if your heart isn’t in it, and you don’t feel comfortable about it, keep it for yourself or save it as a draft. In due time, it will be the finished, fine art you intended it to be all along.