Creative SpaceBetween two children, a dog, and a husband, I found it quite difficult to focus on writing. We have, what I like to call, a “cozy” home. Just enough space for us. Even though I absolutely love our home, as I began to sit down and focus on “creating my written masterpieces” I realized I had spent so much time making sure everyone else in the house had a place to relax and focus, I overlooked myself. My husband has his man cave, the guest room is barely big enough for a bed and nightstand, the dog has his retreat, and the kids, well, they have the rest of the house. If I was going to get serious about writing, I absolutely had to have a creative space. So, I went on the hunt.

In a perfect world where people barely work and still make $2000.00 an hour, I could probably snap my fingers and have an addition added to my home to create my dream space. Unfortunately, that’s a fantasy and I’m not much of a fantasy writer. So, clearly that wasn’t an option. Then I explored the idea of building a home office shed in the backyard. Though a much more reasonable option, it’s not something that could happen in the near future. So, I had to look inward and find a small space in my home until we could make the shed a reality.

All I needed for immediate gratification was a small desk space and a place to keep my notebooks, journals, and current reads. Surely the man cave wouldn’t lend any space to this. It would be too loud and possess too many temptations for me to make any progress on my work. The guest room, again, too small. Besides, any room with a bed in it would mean  the only text on this blog would consist of “Zzzzz…”. And our bedroom? Well . . . enough said. So what’s an aspiring author to do?

InspirationI have the privilege of residing in a sunny climate. We have a large lanai with an old table and lounges that were really just collecting dust, and lizards. I asked myself, where am I at my best? When am I most creative? After careful thought it occurred to me I relax the most when I’m outside. I even fall asleep sometimes (if I’m on the lounge). I could transform a small section of the lanai into a space for me to create! With a little furniture rearranging and a couple visits to my local home improvement warehouses, voila! I had the perfect inspirational space for writing, relaxing, even handling some business. A few chair cushions to make me comfortable, some flowering plants to freshen up the space (and help drive the lizards away), a centerpiece to give it that “outdoor room” feeling, and I could now sit comfortably and write. As far as storage, I have a nice basket on a bookcase situated right inside the door that houses all of my materials. And with that, I was officially in business . . . the business of writing.